In today's show, we explore the *wild* reviews for the roadside attraction that inspired Gravity Falls, and we also play a few *thrilling* rounds of W...View Details

In today's part one of yet another double record, we look at reviews for virtual game credits and Ree Drummond's goopy oatmeal bars.  How are you folk...View Details

In today's show, we read reviews for a toy *everybody* forgot, and we take a magical trip to the Enchanted Forest, Oregon. If you like the show, PLEAS...View Details

In today's radically unhinged show, I bring reviews for Chiles, and Jess brings more booknook. Gotta hit the hits before the school year starts, y'all...View Details

In today's show, Jess brings some delightful reviews for airport cheeseburgers, and I suck up the airwaves with a single trip report from TripAdvisor....View Details

In today's show, we learn some ol' folk wisdom about horseback riding, Wendy's orders, and comical shotgun noises. Home-made trivia this Friday! This ...View Details

On today's show, giant cassowaries eat our Triscuits, Nebraskans eat unseasoned hot pockets, and Stacey blows our tiny minds. If you like the show, PL...View Details

In today's show, Jess FINALLY brings reviews for the last Blockbuster in Bend, OR. It only took 155 episodes, am I right? We also have reviews for can...View Details

TONIGHT! We celebrate the best humanity's got to offer, with reviews for plastic totes on Amazon and reviews for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Later...View Details

TONIGHT! Brother of the show Oliver joins us for a wild evening of genetic testing, active volcanoes, and biblical films starring Jude Law.   If you l...View Details

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