Happy 2nd Halloween everyone! We're not done being spooky yet, and Jess has proven that by resurrecting the dead! (Allrecipes, that is). If you like t...View Details

In today's jumbo-sized episode (we tried y'all), we celebrate all things infrastructure with reviews for Fort Lauderdale and Miami, as well as Central...View Details

In today's cursed program, rich people waste even more money, I get sweaty at the TGI Fridays, and Jess plays Burger, Braise, Best Friend with her fav...View Details

Ep 169: Clog Up My Pita

Today's wordy title is brought to you by anecdotes, olives, and surprise recurring segments. This one had a 48-hour turnaround and is so, so good ya'l...View Details

Our episodes are getting darker, same as the days and life itself. Nah, jk, it's just a Spooktober special! Lol. Haha If you like the show, PLEASE TEL...View Details

In today's show, Jess does a Talk Shit, Bring Your Own Drag, and I bring reviews for raw cookie dough shops. It's a spooky raw foods special, whether ...View Details

In today's show, we again take a deep, nasty dive into Chipotle's wikipedia page, and Jess finds a new reason to loathe Trader Joe's. If you like the ...View Details

In today's show, we ring in the 12 weeks of Christmas, Jess takes us to the worst neighborhood on Earth, and I bring reviews for White Stuff™. If you ...View Details

In today's show, we look at reviews for Oceana Grill, a New Orleans restaurant that sued Kitchen Nightmares twice (and won). Meanwhile, we head back t...View Details

In today's show, J-bones debuts a sci-fi serial for no clear reason, and Jess debuts a recurring pants segment for *all* of the reasons. We haven't sk...View Details

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